Gripset GC All Purpose Adhesive

$202.40 (AUD) inc GST


Gripset GC All Purpose Adhesive is a high performance, single part waterproof bedding compound used for fixing any of the GC sheet membranes. Based on silane modified polymer technology, GC All Purpose adhesive possesses outstanding adhesion and high early grab properties over a broad range of porous and non porous substrates. Designed to fix all the Gripset GC Sheet membranes for internal and external applications, providing a low viscosity, easily spreading adhesive with smooth consistent properties that can be applied to dry and damp surfaces.

  • Ready to use, no mixing required
  • Easy trowelling properties, with outstanding form/ridge holding
  • Rapid grab and outstanding adhesion properties
  • Waterproof
  • Suitable for porous and non porous surfaces
  • Able to be applied over damp and un-primed surfaces
  • Rain resistant
  • Excellent footfall and sound dampening properties
  • Non hazardous, very low odour for internal applications
  • Can be covered with Gripset trafficable coatings while wet
Brand Gripset
Product Type Adhesives
Applications Balconies/Decks
SIZE/S 16 Kg
Container Type Pails
COVERAGE 1.2m² per kg using a 2mm notch tooth trowel.
DATASHEET Gripset GC All Purpose