Densi Crete

$418.00 (AUD) inc GST

Densi Crete is a single application; spray applied, concrete waterproofer, densifier & curing agent designed for new or old concrete. It is a colloidal silica that penetrates to extraordinary depths, up to 200mm and beyond. Densi Crete is successful in overcoming moisture problems and offers a permanent treatment against moisture vapour emissions and resulting damage to the concrete mass. Densi Crete provides an excellent medium in the prevention of adhesive and or coatings failure due to excessive moisture, and does not affect surface bond quality in any manner. It can withstand a minimum of 35mtrs of hydrostatic pressure and can be effectively applied to either the positive or negative side of concrete structures.

Brand Duracore
Product Type Masonry & Concrete Sealers
Penetrative Sealants
Applications Flooring
Rising Damp
Container TypeDrum
APPLICATIONHigh Pressure Spray
DATASHEET Densicrete