Flexible Sealer 15L

$143.00 (AUD) inc GST

Flexible Sealer is a premixed one pack water based heavy duty acrylic plastic membrane that is easily applied by
brush, roller or spray to form a resilient coating over metal and masonry surfaces that will flex with the
structure, waterproofing it and giving protection from weathering. Flexible Sealer is formulated to remain pliable
and elastic, to bridge and seal hair-line cracks and to resist mild chemical attack and adhere to damp substrates.

An economical waterproof membrane for substrates not subject to heavy foot traffic i.e. shower alcoves,
bathrooms, roofs, decks, basements, ponds and tanks.
For the permanent exterior and interior protection and weatherproofing of cement render, concrete, cement
sheeting, galvanised iron and pre-primed steel on structures such as commercial buildings, flats, grain silos and

• Easy to apply – does not require mixing, application equipment washes clean in water.
• Fully flexible coating that will accommodate extremes in movement.
• Excellent UV light resistance.
• Hygienic coating that can be used in direct contact with food and drinking water.
• Excellent adhesion to most common building materials after correct surface preparation.
• Bridges and seals hair-line cracks.
• Colour – White – Pastel colour to special order – or pigmented with normal aqueous pigments.

Brand Construction Chemicals
Product Type Waterproofing Membranes
Applications Balconies/Decks
Container TypePail
COVERAGETwo coats giving a final coverage of 1.4 litre/m2 (dry film thickness 1.5mm)
DATASHEET Flexible Sealer