Gripset C-Mastic Tile Adhesive

$31.79 (AUD) inc GST

Gripset C-Mastic is a high strength polymer modified tile adhesive designed for commercial applications where a wide range of large format tile and stone may be used. White, non-slump and developed with enhanced fibre technology to provide superior shear strength for large format tiles in wall and floor applications. C-Mastic provides economical coverage and excellent non-slump properties for large and heavy tiles. Suitable for interior and exterior use on both wall and floor tiling applications.
Gripset C-Mastic provides extended open time and meets C2S1TE classifications. Also suitable for use over a range of Gripset waterproofing membranes systems.

Features & Benefits
– White
– Non-slump
– Flexible
– Enhanced with fibre technology
– Commercial grade
– Extended open time
– Meets C2S1TE classifications
– Accommodates shrinkage movement on early age concrete, screeds and renders.
– Can be used on 7-day old concrete and over screeds/renders after 24 hours.
– Can be used directly over Gripset waterproofing membranes Check with Gripset Technical Services for specific details.

Brand Gripset
Product Type Tile Adhesives
Applications Tile Adhesives
Container TypeBag
COVERAGECoverage of Gripset C-Mastic will be:
- 12m2 on walls using a 6mm notch trowel
- 7m2 on floors using a 10mm notch trowel
DATASHEET Gripset C Mastic