Soudal Aquaswell

$36.96 (AUD) inc GST

Soudal Aquaswell is a high quality, one component polyurethane sealant which swells up in contact with water to create a water and gas
tight seal in pipe and cable penetrations.
– Water- and gastight up to 5 bar (DVGW VP-601)
– Very good adhesion on concrete and many metals, PVC
– Very easy application on both horizontal and vertical substrates
– Swells up to 450% of its original volume in contact with water
– Stays elastic after curing
– Returns to its original shape after swelling
Brand Soudal
Product Type Waterstop
Applications Penetrating Damp
SIZE/S 600ml
Container Type Sausage
APPLICATION To be used with a conventional sealant gun for dispensing the product.
COLOUR/S Champagne
DATASHEET Soudal Aquaswell