WACS (Waterproofing Advisory & Consultancy Services)

The WaterStop Shop® offers a highly comprehensive waterproofing consultancy service.We can help you to identify the cause of waterproofing failure and to suggest possible remedies. But we would rather help you to make the right decisions up front!



A small investment now can save you time and money, avoiding costly downstream issues. We provide a comprehensive report detailing

• Full site assessment

• The most effective waterproofing solutions

• Installation and application guidelines

• Product selection and advice

• Access to our complete range of waterproofing systems at great prices

Our reports are prepared with clear, concise information that is suited to architects, builders, project managers or the home handyman, ensuring that you have an informative understanding of each situation.


We are often asked to advise on waterproofing work that has been carried out which does not appear to be effective.

Our reports detail:

• Likely cause of the problem

• Possible mitigating factors

• Suggested solutions

• Recommended Products

• Recommended Installers

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