The WaterStop Shop is the place to visit for a wide range of top-quality Drizoro waterproofing products, all offered at competitive prices.

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Customers will find the right product to suit the demands of jobs of any size or scale, from commercial and industrial construction projects, to DIY, domestic, and retail work.

The Drizoro products available with The WaterStop Shop are:

  • Maxgrip
  • Maxjoint elastic
  • Maxmesh
  • Maxgrout
  • Maxseal Foundation
  • Maxplug
  • Maxrest
  • Maxseal Flex

The friendly and helpful team here at The WaterStop Shop will work with you to find the right product for the job at hand, explaining the benefits of each item in the Drizoro range and ensuring that you walk away with a dependable and durable waterproofing solution.

We’ve been in business since 1991, so customers can always be confident in the standard of service they will receive from our professional and reliable team.

Give us a call today on 1300 319 364 to learn more about our range of Drizoro products.