Water is both an essential commodity and a hazard. We want to make sure we conserve it, while also making sure it doesn’t get into places we’re trying to keep dry, causing untold damage to property and belongings.

Small leaks here and there, such as in a water tank, for example, can cause considerable loss of water in storage. When water gets into timber, for another example, it can quickly cause wood rot and cause structural damage.

For a top-quality waterproofing membrane, Drizoro Maxseal Flex is both easy to apply and one of the strongest products on the market. Drizoro products are also potable water safe. They have a wide range of applications, including inside basements, water troughs, concrete repairs, sealing expansion joints, swimming pools, dams, reservoirs, and feeding troughs – to mention only a few applications for this tough product!

If you have an application in mind, but not sure if Drizoro is the right product range, call us today to find out more. Drizoro are the waterproofers friend!