Gripset have been in operation for nearly 30 years and during that time they have established a reputation as a leading company in the waterproofing market. Gripset’s quality alternatives to solvent-based bitumen and resin coatings have become enduringly popular products. The uniqueness of the Gripset product is that it is water-based, and so both more environmentally friendly and non-hazardous.

Their products are great for protecting wet areas, weather-exposed areas, immersed areas, and portable systems. They also produce waterproofing products for roofs, with UV-resistant properties, ideal for roofs baking under the Australian sun. With such a diverse range of applications, it’s little wonder they are such a popular product on the market!

They continue to invent new products and, as a leading supplier, the WaterStop Shop is committed to keeping abreast of any new changes in the industry. Gripset products are easy to work with, so, whether you’re employing labour or undertaking a DIY project, Gripset is an ideal product range choice.