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Bathroom Waterproofing Kit, the perfect DIY solution!


Fix leaking balconies & showers without removing tiles!


Reinforced High Quality Flexible PVC Sheet Membrane


Efflock anti-damp and efflorescence additive


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Waterproofing Supplies

Keep your premises dry with The WaterStop Shop’s exhaustive range of waterproofing supplies!

If you’re looking for waterproofing supplies, you’ve come to the right place. Whatever needs waterproofing, we’ve got just the right product for the application. With our waterproofing supplies, Melbourne customers can keep their property safe from water damage.

We offer our waterproofing supplies for commercial, residential and industrial use. Our product range includes sheet membranes, hydrophilic waterstop, caulking products, penetrative sealants, and both water-based membranes and solvent-based membranes. These easy to apply products are suitable for DIY enthusiasts and professional applicators – for waterproofing supplies in Melbourne, call The WaterStop Shop today for all your waterproofing products!


Bathroom Waterproofing Products

The bathroom of either a home, office or commercial environment is exposed to far more moisture than any other room in the house. Water leaking from bathrooms and showers can create rot, mould damage and warping of materials. That’s why you need top-quality bathroom waterproofing products!

To keep your bathroom protected, why not check out our wide range of bathroom waterproofing products? Our range of bathroom and shower waterproofing products includes all the best brands at great trade prices. Call us today to find out more!


Construction Waterproofing

Waterproofing is one of the most crucial stages of any construction project. Construction waterproofing ensures that water doesn’t create ongoing damage around wet areas such as bathrooms, basements and balconies. Without adequate construction waterproofing in Melbourne construction projects, the integrity of your construction can quickly be compromised, leading to costly repair work.

At The WaterStop Shop we know the importance of supplying effective and advanced waterproofing products and materials to our customers from all walks of life and in all environments. Able to provide fault-free protection against water intrusion our construction waterproofing solutions ensure that your site will be free from environmental damage.

Thanks to our cost-effective and adaptive construction waterproofing products, Melbourne builders will no longer have to be concerned about the condition of their site in wet weather. We have a full range of waterproofing products and sealants, including waterproof coatings, sheet membranes and liquid membranes.


Concrete Waterproofing Melbourne

Concrete waterproofing is integral to construction, especially for high-rise constructions. As more of these buildings are erected around Melbourne, make sure your construction can rely on the integrity of excellent concrete waterproofing.

As a leading waterproofing supplier, the team at The WaterStop Shop endeavour to deliver modern and highly-effective waterproofing solutions and services for a variety of environments.

Waterproof coatings will provide a range of benefits, including strengthening structures, preventing mould, and reducing maintenance costs. Water finds a way of getting into the most critical parts of any building, which is why it’s important to make sure you have good waterproofing!

For more information about our leading concrete waterproofing products, call us today!