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Waterproofing Tips

Advice and Tips for Using Waterproofing Products

Start with a Clean Surface 

The key to successfully applying waterproofing membranes to substrates is to begin with a clean, dust free surface.  Large particulate matter may be swept or vacuumed up, however, we recommend wiping the substrate down with damp cloth afterwards to ensure that the surface is as clean as possible.

A clean surface will allow the primer/membrane to adhere to the substrate and create a strong bond, enhancing the opportunity of achieving a quality waterproof barrier.

Selecting the Right Primer

Most waterproof membranes have specific primers which are manufactured for use with them. In certain circumstances alternative primers need to be used such as epoxy, and you should consult the product data sheet, or your waterproofing experts, if in doubt.


Most water-based membranes require a final application rate of approximately 1.5L per per square meter. This is often achieved with two coats, however, as application techniques and membrane viscosity vary, you may need to put on further coats to achieve that type of usage.

To ensure effective waterproof membrane application, consult the relevant data sheet/product information to determine the appropriate rate of coverage.  It is imperative that the minimum suggested application rate is adhered to, as the manufacturers warranty will otherwise be void.

Preventing Water Leakage through a Tiled Balcony

One option is to apply a clear penetrative sealer such as Sealtight from Scientific Waterproofing Products onto the tiles and grout. Remove any excess sealer that is not absorbed with a cloth as you work. The sealer will penetrate into the grout (and tiles if they are porous), making the area water repellent. It is of note that any cracked grout or tiles must be either repaired or replaced prior to work taking place.

Alternately, you could try the Clear Waterproofing Membrane from Remedial Membranes, which will allow you to create a completely clear waterproof membrane on top of your tiled area!

Incorporate the Factors Affecting the Drying and Curing of Waterproof Membranes

  • Ambient temperature
  • Temperature of substrate
  • Humidity
  • Air flow
  • Moisture content of substrate
  • Thickness of the membrane
  • Type of membrane used

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