Cetco Seamtape

$22.00 (AUD) inc GST


SEAMTAPE is a single-sided tape consisting of an aggressive rubber-based adhesive with a durable polyethylene backing and release liner. The inherent adhesive and waterproofing properties of the tape effectively splices the liner face of waterproofing membranes at the overlaps. SEAMTAPE provides good chemical resistance and excellent moisture resistance properties. Its flexibility allows the tape to be easily installed on irregular surface conditions. The adhesive is protected by a release liner that is removed during installation.


SEAMTAPE is primarily used to seal the overlap seams of ULTRASEAL BT, SWELLTITE, VOLTEX DS/ DSCR for both backfilled foundation walls and horizontal deck applications. SEAMTAPE protects the overlap seams against debris intrusion during backfill and damage from rain prior to backfilling. SEAMTAPE may also be used in the repair of small tears or punctures in the outer geomembrane liner component of the waterproofing membrane. Additionally, SEAMTAPE is used to seal the overlap seams of GS-110 Root barrier in greenroof applications and used to seal open core edges of Aquadrain drainage composites. PACKAGING 3” (75 mm) x 50-Ft (15.2 m) rolls 8 rolls per case

Brand Cetco
Product Type Tapes
Applications Multi-purpose
SIZE/S75mm x 15.2m
Container TypeRoll