Gripset BRW-HD

$335.50 $324.50 (AUD) inc GST

Gripset BRW-HD is a self-adhesive butyl rubber sheet membrane with a laminated high strength HDPE film facing designed for subterranean waterproofing and multi layered sheet membrane applications. The high tack butyl backing provides a high performance waterproof layer with unrivaled adhesion to porous and non-porous surfaces in a wide range of temperature conditions. BRW-HD membrane has outstanding resistance to vibration, movement and flexing, delivering a waterproofing system that overcomes the limitations of bitumen self tack and heat applied sheet membranes.

Forming an instant waterproof seal when applied onto surfaces, BRW-HD system avoids down time for drying or curing, delivering rapid application times to enable areas to be in service immediately upon waterproofing completion. As a non-bituminous system, termination points at ground level or above earth lines have no risk of bleeding or yellowing into wall surface
finishes. The BRW-HD system along with the BRW-PF grade enable the direct adhesion of finishes over the membrane including tiles, renders, textures, paints systems and decorative finishes.

Brand Gripset
Product Type Sheet Membranes
Applications Balconies/Decks
Basement/Retaining Walls
SIZE/S1m x 10m
APPLICATIONSelf-adhesive sheet membrane