Moisture Proof

$24.20$325.60 (AUD) inc GST

DuraCore’s Moisture Proof is a liquid moisture barrier and densifier for new or old concrete that requires no mixing and is applied simply by pouring & spreading or spraying with a pump up spray pack. A soft broom is required for an even application and to spread out any puddled areas. Moisture Proof deeply penetrates the concrete to form a non-destructive, 100% colloidal gel that provides a permanent concrete moisture barrier that withstands hydrostatic pressure.

Moisture Proof is a cost effective, moisture barrier that replaces messy & time consuming two part epoxy systems. It has an extremely long shelf life and allows early access to with minimum site disruption. It is foot trafficable one hour after application and floor coverings or prep work can be installed 24 hours after application in majority of cases. Moisture Proof is user friendly, non-toxic and non-flammable, has zero VOC and is environmentally safe.

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Brand Duracore
Product Type Masonry & Concrete Sealers
Penetrative Sealants
Applications Flooring
Industrial Flooring
Negative Tanking
Penetrating Damp
SIZE/S1L, 5L, 20L
COVERAGEApprox. 1L per 4m2
APPLICATIONLow Pressure Spray
DATASHEET Moisture Proof