Waterstoppage Granular Sodium Bentonite

$27.50 (AUD) inc GST

Waterstoppage is chemically treated, granular sodium bentonite used as a detailing accessory product for CETCO Waterproofing systems. When wetted, Waterstoppage forms into a dense, low permeable material that combines with the sodium bentonite in the waterproofing products to form a seamless waterproofing membrane.

Mineralogical composition of Waterstoppage
is a minimum 90% Montmorillonite with a maximum 10% native sediments and unaltered volcanic ash. typical sieve analysis is 90% through a 20 mesh sieve and 10% through a 200 mesh sieve. Free swell rating of Waterstoppage is: two grams sifted into deionized water swells to occupy a minimum volume of 16 cc.

Waterstoppage may also be used as inexpensive premium grade cat litter.

Brand Cetco
Product Type Sheet Membranes
Applications Basement/Retaining Walls
Container TypeBag