Mapelastic Smart Kit

$161.70 (AUD) inc GST

Mapelastic Smart is a two-component mortar based on cementitious binders, fine-grained selected aggregates, special additives and synthetic polymers in water dispersion, blended according to a formula developed in MAPEI’s own research laboratories.

Mapelastic Smart is used to form highly flexible, waterproof, and protective dressings on concrete structures, even those subject to cracking. It may be applied on cementitious screeds, existing floors (clean and well bonded to the substrate) and renders to waterproof bathrooms, showers, balconies, terraces, and swimming pools before laying ceramic and natural stone. The mortar is applied by brush or with a roller on surfaces that must be perfectly clean and sound.

PRODUCT CODEM-Mapelastic Smart Kit
Brand Mapei
Product Type Waterproofing Membranes
Applications Balconies/Decks
Concrete Water Tanks
Planter Boxes
Ponds/Water Features
Swimming Pools / Spas
SIZE/S20kg +10L
Container TypeKit
COVERAGE9.6m² per kit
APPLICATIONBrush or Roller
DATASHEET Mapelastic Smart Kit