Pro-Polish 770

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Pro-Polish 770 is specifically formulated for oxide coloured cement based construction materials where powdered colour oxide is added to a wet cement mix. Pro-Polish 770 is a colour stabilising sealer that brings out the natural richer tone of the oxide on a more permanent basis using Moisture Retention Technology. Pro-Polish 770 is a first coat only product and requires Pro-Seal 896 to be used for the 2nd coat in order to repel oil and stains more successfully.

Pro-Polish 770 is an excellent grouting binder for polishing concrete floors. It UV stabilises the surface and binds fine grinding dust to fill in voids and small pores in the polishing process.


– Stabilises the richer natural tone of powder colour oxides

– Non-Hazardous Material Classification

– Adds surface flexibility to cement bases construction materials

– Excellent grouting binder for polished concrete

– Easy to apply/ water clean-up

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Brand Duracore
Product Type Masonry & Concrete Sealers
Applications Flooring
SIZE/S4Litres and 19Litres
Container TypePails
COVERAGECoverage rate depends on the porosity of the substrate.
On Concrete: 20 – 25m2/L as neat product (approx.)
On Dense Substrate : 40m2/L (approx.)
On Highly Porous Substrate, such as Limestone : 8 - 10m2/L (approx.)
COLOUR/SMilky White
DATASHEET Pro Polish 770