Soudal T-Rex Floor & Wall Adhesive

$55.00 (AUD) inc GST

T-Rex Floor & Wall

T-Rex Floor & Wall is a high quality single component, adhesive with high adhesive strength. It is based on SMX Polymer technology, chemically neutral and fully elastic. Universal use on all substrates and construction materials.

Features & Benefits
  • Outstanding bond strength on nearly all surfaces
  • High performance mechanical properties
  • Flexible elastic rubber – movement accommodation up to ±20%
  • Straightforward application even in adverse conditions
  • Very easy to tool
  • Sanitary applications
  • Ecological advantages – free of isocyanates, solvents, halogens and acids
  • Minimal health and safety considerations
  • No staining of porous materials such as natural stone, granite, marble, etc.

T-Rex Floor & Wall may be painted, however due to the large number of paints and varnishes available we strongly suggest a compatibility test before application.

  • Bonding of all types of construction materials on all porous and non-porous surfaces
  • Horizontal applications: all types of floors tiles, natural stone tiles, carpet
  • Vertical applications: all types of wall tiles, paneling, stainless steel panels
  • Also on wet surfaces (e.g. sanitary applications)
Brand Soudal
Product Type Adhesives
Applications Tile Adhesives
Container TypeDrum
DATASHEET T-Rex Floor & Wall