Hyperband Rubberised Joint Band 50m

$108.90 (AUD) inc GST


Hyperband Rubberised Joint Band is used with waterproofing systems to enhance the sealing of substrate junctions, movement joints, cracks and various other areas subject to potential movement.

Hyperband Rubberised Joint Band is especially useful for the reinforcing of waterproofing membranes in highly stressed, critical areas within the construction industry.

Examples of suitable applications: bathrooms, showers, terraces, balconies, basements, retaining walls, ponds & swimming pools.


• Compatible with all water-based liquid membrane systems
• Compliant to AS3740 bond-breaker requirements
• Highly resistant to structural movement
• Chemical resistant
• Eliminates the need for caulking joints

Brand The Waterstop Shop®
Product Type Tapes
Applications Balconies/Decks
Basement/Retaining Walls
SIZE/S120mm x 50m
Container TypeBox
DATASHEET Hyperband Joint Band